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  • U.S. manufacturer for 29 years
  • Emissivity meter for reflectivity testing
  • Over 10 million square feet of inventory
  • Random Sample testing
  • Industry-leading service
  • Strict quality standards


With dozens of products, the applications for radiant barrier and reflective insulation are nearly endless. Call us to get guidance on choosing the right amount of the right product for your home, business or industrial application!

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“I have estimated that we have saved at least 35% on our heating and air conditioning costs with the radiant barrier...” --Buddy Bell, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I am enjoying my living room this winter, and it is so warm. So far I am saving about 30% on my heat bills over last year. I highly recommend radiant barrier.” --Marian Jenkins, Dafter, Michigan

“Our immediate impression of the radiant barrier is that it does what they claim the product will do and heartily recommend it’s use.” --V. Pidutti, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

“Everyone should have this radiant barrier!!! It’s going to be a warm winter indoors at my house!!!” --Ronnie L., Winchester, Virginia

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