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Radiant Barrier Customer Review Letters

In a recent post, we explained how radiant barrier works in warm climates by reflecting radiant heatwaves instead of absorbing them the way insulation does. And we also referenced a scientific study to supports our claims.

While we have a vast library of scientific studies and reports that we can show you explaining why radiant barrier works so well, reviews and testimonials from our actual customers are always going to be the most validating source for the radiant barrier products we sell.

Here are personal testimonials from some of our customers living in warm weather climates:

Texas Customer Reviews

“Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with your product ‘Super R Plus’.

We received it last Thursday (very quick delivery) and on Saturday morning installed about 380 sq. ft. of it on the ceiling of the formerly very hot room (uninsulated roof, just tin over decking, oddly spaced rafters, hence the need for a ‘custom fit’ product.) Very easy installation as you promised, scissors and a staple gun. Took about 2 hours.

WOW! What a difference! Dropped the afternoon temps in the room by about 20-25 degrees. Honestly, it used to hit 110+ in there by late afternoon. Now it only goes up to 85-90.

It is my wife’s laundry and sewing room and she is very happy…”

Art Lynch
Devine, Texas

“Our DeSoto location, an open warehouse retail store, was running room temperatures of 110 degrees during the month of July and into August. After pricing insulation and radiant barrier, we decided that radiant barrier, if it worked, would be the best buy to accomplish cooler temperatures in the store.

Our store temperatures dropped from 110 degrees to 90 degrees, which feels like being under a shade tree instead of a tin roof on a 100 degree day.

We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend the product to anyone.”

Max L. Wall
DeSoto, Texas

“I would like to tell you about your radiant barrier used in our Fire Safety Trailer. As you know Pharr, Texas is located in the deep south Texas and our normal summertime temperatures range from 95 degrees to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, in fact during the winter we wear short sleeve shirts. I can tell you for a fact that your radiant barrier has been able to keep our Fire Safety Trailer cooler during the summer heat. We recently had our trailer parked outside with the temperature about 96 degrees Fahrenheit and inside the trailer it must have been five degrees cooler.

Our Fire Safety Trailer is insulated along the sides not on the roof.

I am very happy with your radiant barrier because it will allow it to maintain a cooler room temperature for our students.”

Juan J. Ruiz
Pharr, Texas

South Carolina Customer Reviews

“Just a note to tell you that I just built an energy efficient house in which I used your radiant barrier under my roof sheathing. It works!!!

When my insulator came last July, he commented on how much cooler it was to work in my attic than any other house he had worked in.

That made me feel good. I am a Thermal Processes Engineer and my ideas are really paying off on this new house (passive solar).

Thanks for making a good and truly innovative product.”

John D. Henley
Six Mile, South Carolina

Oklahoma Customer Reviews

“It has now been a little over a year since we installed in our home the radiant barrier supplied by you, and I must say that it has surpassed my greatest expectations.

I’ll never forget how frustrating it was to try to get the upstairs cool in the summer without requiring the upstairs air conditioning unit to run all the time. However, since we installed the radiant barrier, the upstairs remains cool and comfortable, and that particular cooling unit almost never has to come on.

Because radiant barrier reflects the heat out of the house in the summer and back into the house in the winter, our home remains at an even temperature for greater comfort as well as lower utility bills. I have estimated that we have saved at least 35% on our heating and air conditioning costs with the radiant barrier, and this is like taking money from PSO and putting it right back into my pocket…”

Buddy Bell
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Thank you for showing me the light. The radiant barrier supplied by you has outperformed my expectations.

My last for PSO and ONG bills combined reflect a savings of over 40 percent.

Do you remember my daughter’s room – the one with the 16 foot ceiling? I told you that we couldn’t keep it comfortable in there. It was always 2-5 degrees warmer or colder in her room than in the rest of the house. Since we installed the radiant barrier, her room is the same temperature as every other room in the house. It is simply remarkable…”

Casey and Loretta Osteen
Broken Arrow, OK

Georgia Customer Reviews

“I just installed Super R it in 2 attic spaces on each side of my bonus room on Saturday. It was 92 degrees here yesterday and I could tell a huge difference in that bonus room. I am starting on my main attic tonight. I can’t wait to see how well it does. It is really easy to install. Just measure, cut, and install. I will be ordering more. Thanks for all your help.”

Bill Quinn
Evans, Georgia

New York Customer Reviews

“I installed radiant barrier in my attic about 2 weeks ago. The outside temp hit 89-90deg yesterday and today. The 2nd floor is now very comfortable with the AC cycling on/off-holding 73-74.Thanks Radiant Barrier for this great product!”

Yonkers, NY

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