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Customer Reviews and Testimonials from Radiant Barrier Customers in Cold Climates

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In a recent post, we explained how radiant barrier works in cold climates by reflecting radiant heatwaves back into your home, keeping them from escaping into your attic. And we also referenced two independent scientific studies to supports our claims.

While we have a vast library of scientific studies and reports that we can show you explaining why radiant barrier works so well, reviews and testimonials from our actual customers are always going to be the most validating source for the radiant barrier products we sell.

Here are personal testimonials from some of our customers living in cold weather climates:


Michigan Customer Reviews

“I had my house wrapped in radiant barrier insulation before I put new siding on. I also had radiant barrier insulation laid over my blown in insulation in my attic. I can not believe the difference this has made in the comfort of my home and the difference it has made in the cost of heating my home. I have a large ranch style home and I used to close off the living room and extra bedrooms in the winter because it was so costly to heat, and it was always drafty.

I am enjoying my living room this winter and it is so warm and comfortable. So far I am saving about 30% on my heat bills over last year. I am keeping a log of my heat bills so I can do a year end comparison.

Thank you again for introducing me to your great radiant barrier. I even wrapped my water heater, you know a penny saved is a penny earned.

I highly recommend radiant barrier.”

Marian Jenkins
Dafter, Michigan

New Jersey Customer Reviews

“I simply wanted to send you a note about how remarkably well your product worked. I have a dormer bedroom (essentially a bedroom built into an attic with one wall facing out with windows). This room is farthest from the A/C and has an inadequate number of vents. I increased the bat insulation by 60% but it is clear the radiant barrier made the biggest difference. This went from the hottest bedroom in the house to the coolest even though the other bedrooms are on a lower floor. The best $150 I ever spent on my house!”

Ken Skoglund
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

New York Customer Reviews

“I know, I know, I promised to send you pictures of the application of the insulation to my Porsche 944. So, better late than never. I have enclosed two shots of the application. Nearly eight months and it still looks good. (The original waffle shaped stuff would drop on your head every time you brushed against it.) The old stuff I scraped off with a plastic spatula, covered the engine and fenders with adequate layers of old newsprint topped with a plastic tarp and removed the rest of what I could with acetone. The old stuff (glue) would not all come off, but the acetone reactivated it so the contact cement adhered beautifully.

Thanks again. I passed on the info to the Prosche club. Some of the non-purists may look up your product.

There was enough left to replace the ‘sound deadening pads’ under the headliner of my Ford wagon. What a difference it makes in heat soack on a sunny summer day!”

Bob Stanin
Rochester, New York

Ohio Customer Reviews

“First of all, the radiant barrier is all you said it was and more. Our cottage has never been more comfortable, thanks to you and your wonderful product.

Our last utility bill after using our radiant barrier for only 30 days was $68.00, the month before without radiant barrier was $92.00. The lower utility bill reflects a hotter period of time than the previous months bill. By having radiant barrier installed, you have given me a more comfortable residence than I could believe, and added comfort in areas that were previously restricted in the times I could use it due to the heat. Based on this short test, I believe we will save approximately 20 to 25 percent over the course of the year, probably more. I can only say that I wish we would have had access to this product years ago so we would have not spent as much on heating and cooling.”

Harry Opper
Centerville, Ohio

Pennsylvania Customer Reviews

“I am a natural skeptic and one who likes to save money. Believing in your product was easy after viewing your demonstration, and the money saving part was more than I expected. Even with the severe winter that we just experienced my gas budget has dropped 9% over the previous year.

Comfort has also improved in my house. I own a two story house, with 6 inches of insulation in the attic, that used to have a draft coming down from the steps. The draft has ceased to exist since I installed the radiant barrier over the insulation. There was also an added bonus that I hadn’t counted on. The rooms upstairs are noticeably cooler when the central air is on because the head cannot radiate down through the ceiling. The comfort and savings were accomplished without changing the thermostat settings either.

Installation was simple, also. I used to pair of scissors and tape measure to cut it to size. Then just lay it over top of the insulation.

Thank you for introducing me to radiant barrier. It has definitely lived up to all of its promises.”

Jack Heller
Scottdale, Pennsylvania

Virginia Customer Reviews

“I installed Super R Supreme over top of the blown insulation in my 1400 sq. ft. attic. My May/June 2008 electric bill was $75 (normally $110) ($35 savings). My July/August bill was $86 (normally $125)($39 savings). The radiant barrier installation was easy. The cost of savings are awesome. I immediately noticed that the A/C system ran fewer cycles and shorter cycle times. Even in the hottest parts of the day.

Everyone should have this radiant barrier!!! I can’t wait until I can afford the next project to add radiant barrier in my crawl space. It’s going to be a warm winter indoors at my house!!!”

Ronnie L.
Winchester, Virginia

Washington Customer Reviews

“We had an occasion to use your product Super R Single Bubble on one of our recent radiant floor heating projects.

The project was a (million dollar) apartment renovation in Seattle, which had an existing 6 inch concrete slab on the main living level. The foil was applied to the slab and a Wirsbo radiant floor system installed over the foil. The radiant tubing was then embedded in lightweight concrete.

When we turned the system on, the floor was warm within 2 hours! We had previously encountered a 24-48 hour lag time to feel the heat before we started using your foil products. We were very surprised, as was the owner, when the response time was so short. We expect the energy savings will be significant, and have installed BTU meters to measure the energy usage.

Northwest Mechanical will continue to use your product and recommend them to all radiant contractors who ask how optimum performance can be achieved on existing slab construction.”

Paul Pollets
Seattle, Washington

West Virginia Customer Reviews

“I put heat into the system I installed this past weekend. It took about 10-11 hours to heat the pad 20 x 24 ft. about 4.5 inches thick. With the double-bubble under the concrete. WOW! I wouldn’t believe it if someone else told me, but the heat never came back until after 8:00 PM sometime. The outdoor temperature was about 30 degrees and snowing, with the wind blowing up to 30 mph. This was last Saturday in West Virginia. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It is by far the warmest room in the house. Thanks a lot!”

Dave Clevenger
Thomas, West Virginia


Canada Customer Reviews

“We recently installed radiant barrier in the mechanical room of our eight story apartment building. The mechanical room would be equivalent to an attic area over our top floor recreation areas. The walls, ceiling and floor area are metal with R20 insulation on the floor only. Because of the type of construction materials (namely metal) we experienced a moisture problem on both the walls and floor areas. Condensation frequently resulted in moisture problems. The temperature within the mechanical area was usually warm, in spite of the insulation and no matter how cold the outside temperature.

We decided to install a radiant barrier to see if this product would finally solve our problems here. The immediate result took place when or as the radiant barrier was being installed. As the barrier was put in place the temperature quickly lowered. As a matter of fact, it became very cold to even work further as the last section was rolled out, the installers were thankful of completing the job.

Within a day or two, all moisture within the mechanical room vanished and after 30 days, has never returned. The room’s temperature is generally much colder now; usually equal to the outside temperature.

In addition, we experienced additional benefits which we did not expect, namely the temperature of the entire eighth floor has increased, thereby allowing us to reduce the thermostat setting by 5 degrees in the two recreational areas and we have shut off the electric baseboard in the hall between the two rooms, and yet the atmosphere is quite comfortable.

Our immediate impression of the radiant barrier is that it does what they claim the product will do and heartily recommend it’s use.”

V. Pidutti
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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