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Here is a basic installation of Super R Deck Barrier applied directly over the OSB before the shingles are put down.
A few common questions we receive about radiant barriers answered by an industry leader.


Mass insulation only slows down or resists the transfer of heat. Radiant barrier reflects heat. Watch this video to learn how this makes radiant barrier superior to other forms of insulation.

How to Install Radiant Barrier in Your Attic

Installing radiant barrier in your attic helps keep the temperature in your home regulated so you can save on energy costs and increase your everyday comfort. Here are three easy attic installation methods for you to add radiant barrier in your home.
Innovative Insulation has been around since 1987. This video was produced a long time ago, but the physics of how and why radiant barrier works hasn’t changed at all. All the information in this video still applies to the products we sell today to save you money on cooling and heating costs.
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