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Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

There are few things more festive than waking up to a snow-covered landscape, but winter weather can also pose a threat to your home. As snow begins to accumulate, it is important you know what parts of your home need protection.

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Radiant Flooring vs. Radiant Ceilings

If you are considering alternatives for heating your home, radiant heating is one that gives you two options. You can opt for radiant flooring or radiant ceilings. Consider weighing your choices before you make your final decision. Here is a more detailed look at both options to help you choose.

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How Radiant Barriers Work: Reflective Paint vs. Foil

Those of us with dark-colored roofs know how hot it gets up there during the summer. Intense solar heat radiates indoors through the rooftop, baking the attic like an oven. The hot attic, in turn, conducts unwanted heat to the rest of the house, pressuring cooling systems to work harder and driving up utility costs.

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Understanding Radiant Barrier Insulation

How does radiant barrier insulation work?
Heat travels using conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is direct transfer of heat through materials, while convection transfers heat via moving air and radiation transfer heat through space, much like light. Radiant barriers act like a mirror, reflecting thermal radiation.

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How Radiant Barrier Insulation Helps Keep You Warm in Winter

Heat transfer, poor insulation and heat loss. These are all concepts that homeowners who want to save money should learn more about. The fact is that more heat leaves the home through the attic than most people realize. But the good news is that addressing the problem with Radiant Barrier insulation saves energy and money.

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Smart Meter Use Continues to Rise

The Connected World magazine featured an interesting post discussing how the number of people in North America smart meter and smart grid deployments rose dramatically in 2011. As energy use continues to rise and energy demands become harder and harder for energy producers to meet, you can expect these types of monitors to become more and more common.

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All About Temptrol™

Innovative Insulation Inc. is the world’s largest producer of radiant barriers and reflective fabrics. Its product lineup is impressive, addressing all the varied uses for these insulating fabrics. The company offers Super R®, a radiant barrier product, and a reflective insulation product called TempShield®. Additionally, Innovative Insulation Inc. produces Temptrol™, a radiant reflective fabric. Temptrol™ is known for its versatility, and its increased functionality broadens its potential applications and uses.

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The Benefits of Radiant Barrier in Stadiums and Arenas

Innovation Insulation Inc. offers some of the most effective radiant barrier products in the industry. Their products help users reduce energy costs, maintain environmentally friendly building structures and efficiently distribute heat. To increase warmth in the winter and decrease heat in the summer, radiant barriers are an extremely effective option.

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What Are the Effects of the Climate on Radiant Barrier?

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to make the most of your budget’s energy dollars. Effective insulation can help the average homeowner stretch their money farther, and radiant barrier insulation is the ideal solution. Without sacrificing comfort, reflective insulation can allow cool spaces to remain so for longer periods in the hottest summer weather and keep the whole family toasty for less during the winter. Here’s how.

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