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During the winter months, there are many ways that heat can escape either a home or a commercial building. If you are a homeowner yourself, or happen to be in charge of paying the bills for a building, you are aware that this can result in a substantial cost. By determining how the heat is escaping from your home or commercial building, you can reduce significant unnecessary costs.

There are two ways heat can escape your property: transmission and air leakage. Both ways can occur through all surfaces of the property, including the walls, floor, roof, windows and doors. Insulating your property properly is crucial because it resists the flow of heat. By adding insulation into the spaces in your wall, you can cause the heat to conduct from one insulation fiber to another and through one air pocket to another, which will significantly slow down the passage of heat.

Below are some tips to keep heat from escaping your property:

  • Air seal the connection between the window frame and the wall.
  • Hand insulated window curtains to maximize thermal resistance.
  • Update single pane windows with new double pane windows.
  • Put in plastic window covering or storm windows.
  • Fill any holes or cracks in your property with caulk or insulating foam.
  • Plant a row of trees or bushes outside of your home that will keep the wind from hitting the home.
  • Be generous with the layers of insulation throughout your property.
  • Take a tour of your home to locate any potential draft areas.

By making these few small changes to your home or commercial property, you can prevent heat from escaping and save yourself money each month. Understanding how your property was constructed can give you a better idea of how to make your property as efficient as possible.


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