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Why are Radiant Barriers an Important Part of Overall Insulation?

Radiant barriers have been shown to provide some savings on cooling bills in hot climates. These barriers are installed in attics as they block some of the heat that is entering a house through the roof. The barriers provide some protection and savings, but should not be seen as a replacement for insulation. A radiant barrier is just one aspect of keeping a house cool in summer and should be seen as a key part, but only a part.

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What are the Benefits of Using an Attic Stair Cover?

If your energy bill has gotten out of hand, you may be considering ways to decrease your energy usage. One place to start looking for savings is in the attic. Radiant heat passes through the roof, walls, floor, and even the stairs in the attic – causing heat transfer. Think of the “from hot to cold and from cold to hot” mentality. As you look for ways to save, you may come across something called an “attic stair cover”. If you are not sure what this is, your mind will flood with questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about attic stair covers.

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How to Use Super R® Radiant Barrier Products

A significant amount of radiant heat passes through your attic. Radiant heat can pass through the roof, then pass into your home. This causes your home to get hotter in the summer, and colder as it passes through the roof in the winter. Your air conditioner or heater heats or cools the air in your home. Radiant heat escapes through the roof of your home in the winter, and passes through the roof in the summer. This makes your home appliances work harder to keep the desired temperature. Both factors cause your energy usage to increase to maintain the temperature you set. When you are looking to cut back on your energy usage, you may consider using our radiant barrier products. This product reflects the radiant heat back into your home in the winter, and back outside in the summer. This makes the home appliance units not have to work as hard, lowering your energy usage.

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How Radiant Barrier Could Be Installed in a RV?

Radiant insulation is a durable material that makes it easy to increase your enjoyment of your RV while also protecting it. Simple to handle and install, insulation provides a barrier between the surface onto which it’s applied and the harmful effects of the sun. The following six ways can jump-start your creativity when protecting your RV with radiant insulation.

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How Do Radiant Barriers Offer Environmentally Friendly Savings?

A radiant barrier is very environmentally friendly, and since it saves on heating and cooling bills, it is a very green energy resource. Building experts use the term "building envelope" to refer to the entire package that keeps a house or business comfortable. This implies stopping leaks of heat, or cool air in summer, as well as blocking out unwanted heat or cold, which is where a radiant barrier is effective. There are several aspects to cooling or heating a home, and no one thing is the answer to all your utility bills. It is the combination of all of them that is most effective.

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How Effective Are Radiant Barriers?

Radiant barriers are effective in reducing cooling bills in areas that are hot by blocking some of the heat that your roof absorbs from the sun in summer. The hotter the weather or climate, the more effective a radiant barrier is. Some say they are not effective in cold weather, but others contend they can be used to reflect heat back inside a house that would otherwise escape through the roof. Still, radiant barriers are most effective in high temperature areas.

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How Does RF Shielding Work?

It may seem unlikely that a house wrap that offers RF shielding can really help with energy savings, but it is true. The RF shielding can be used in crawl spaces, attics, garages, basements, and other areas, to stop the transfer of heat and cold from one place to another. It is an excellent way to provide a strong, radiant barrier around a home, or between one part and another part. For example, between the basement and the first floor, or between the garage and the living space in the house. Before deciding if this option is right for you, it is important to understand how it works, exactly what it does, and the best ways to use it.

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How Can a Radiant Barrier Help Your RV Health?

A radiant barrier provides an alternative method for insulating that is unlike any conventional insulation material. A radiant barrier works by radiating warmth from its surface toward other objects that are cooler. This makes it’s an ideal material to conserve energy and increase comfort levels in a variety of applications. While most people think about using insulation in their homes, applying the right type of insulating material in your RV can provide impressive benefits as well.

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What are the Cost Saving with a Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barriers are a good investment in a home or business, as they will save money on cooling costs over a summer. The warmer the weather, the more effective the barrier will be. There are a lot of factors that go into it, but the government website,, says people can save five to 10 percent on cooling bills. Manufacturers say a person can save 17 percent, but either way, that is a substantial savings and should more than pay for the cost of the radiant barrier.

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What Do You Need to Know About House Wrap?

House wrap is a moisture and air barrier, and also provides a radiant barrier that helps to reduce heating and cooling costs by acting as an additional form of insulation. Do I need house wrap on a shed? You don't technically need house wrap on a shed, but it can provide a barrier that will help protect the inside of the shed and the contents from heat, cold, dust, and moisture.

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