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All about Temptrol

8167742689_5128cd0ff3_oInnovative Insulation Inc. is the world’s largest producer of radiant barriers and reflective fabrics. Its product lineup is impressive, addressing all the varied uses for these insulating fabrics. The company offers Super R, a radiant barrier product, and a reflective insulation product called TempShield. Additionally, Innovative Insulation Inc. produces Temptrol, a radiant reflective fabric. Temptrol is known for its versatility, and its increased functionality broadens its potential applications and uses.

Temptrol is a polypropylene non-woven fabric with one side that’s metallized. The perforations on the surface allow for breathability, preventing condensation and moisture build-up. This also prevents bacteria and fungi growth on the surface of the object it is protecting. The Temptrol material is both flexible and lightweight, properties that make it a successful protectant no matter where it’s used.

Temptrol’s reflectivity is up to 95% percent. This keeps warm air in and reflects heat from almost any building, structure, or object. The flexible fabric makes it easy to handle without tearing or puncturing, and its durability allows it to flex without the risk of cracks or rips. Temptrol provides infrared shielding and protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency disruptions.

Temptrol can be sewn to create custom fit covers for almost any shape. Some of the most common and useful applications of Temptrol are machinery covers, containment tarps, solar screens, coat and boot liners, draperies, and tents. It can help you accomplish any project requiring the use of insulated fabric.

Innovation Insulation Inc. specializes in the production of high-quality radiant barriers and insulating fabrics. The company is dedicated to creating products that will exceed the expectations of its customers. Temptrol is an example of a material that has been developed with the goal of creating a better, more versatile, and more effective insulating fabric. Look no further than Innovative Insulation Inc. to meet your radiant barrier needs.

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