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Survival Insulating Blanket

Temptrol® Heat Reflecting Blanket

Temptrol Radiant Survival Blanket.

The same, patented technology that has brought millions of homeowners lower utility bills, cooler attics and radiant floor systems has developed a new product that provides comfort and warmth for the outdoors. Using our Temptrol® brand survival blanket is even warmer than an electric blanket or heated mattress, and because Temptrol® requires no electricity, it is perfect for the outdoors.

Temptrol® is made of soft, breathable polyethylene fabric, which means it’s more comfortable than a traditional “space blanket” and because it reflects 95% of the heat, it’s more efficient than one too. Temptrol® is the only fabric on the market that is also a radiant barrier. That means Temptrol® would be more effective in preventing hypothermia and cold weather injuries.

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Retains 95% Of Your Body Heat

Using Temptrol® as a blanket is even warmer than an electric blanket or heated mattress because Temptrol® transfers the heat along the aluminized side, distributing the heat equally. Temptrol® is not just for emergencies though. If you are just looking for your sleeping bag or mattress to keep you warmer on a cold night, Temptrol® can easily be sewn or seamed into your sleeping bags, mattress, or jackets for convenience. Whether you are hunting, camping or just enjoying the great outdoors, don’t forget your Temptrol® survival blanket.

Temptrol® applications.

Key Benefits of Temptrol®

  • Quiet
  • Breathable
  • 95% reflectivity
  • Greater comfort
  • Machine-washable
  • Uses no electricity
  • Body heat activated
  • Disperses heat evenly
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

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