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Radiant Barrier House Wrap

Super R Plus, Super R Plus Deck Barrier, and Temphield Double Bubble products can be used in a house wrap application. Your structure will be surrounded with a reflective material that will never lose its effectiveness. Our reflective materials are competitively priced with others on the market and installed in the same manner.

Our reflective insulation is an ideal replacement for a traditional house wrap application in that it can provide the exact same functions as popularly marketed materials. Our Super R Plus Deck Barrier has the strength and breathability characteristics of our Heavy Duty material that can withstand a staple without ripping or tearing. Ideal uses include brick, stone or vinyl siding applications.

Our reflective insulation products reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat and have a lifetime warranty.

House Wrap

Roof Wrap

A radiant barrier can also be used as a roof wrap. This would be used alongside or in replacement of a roof underlayment. It can also be installed on the rafters before the roof decking is put down. This would extend the overall life of the insulation in the attic space and achieve all the benefits of a radiant barrier.


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