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Ceiling Installation
Bottom of Purlins

Inspect the ceiling area for wires, ducts, lights and vents.

Determine if installation will be easier to attach with the purlins or perpendicular to the purlins.

An ideal installation crew is 3-4 installers. Two installers can stretch the Tempshield® Reflective Insulation taught while the third and fourth attach the material with self-tapping screws.

If taping the seams, overlap the Tempshield® Reflective Insulation 3-6 inches.






Wall Installation

Tempshield® Reflective Insulation can be installed either vertically or horizontally in a wall application.

Stretch the Tempshield® Reflective Insulation against the wall brackets, using double-sided taper to hold the material in place.

Use self-tapping screws to attach the Tempshield® Reflective Insulation

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