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In 1987, increasing energy costs and greater environmental awareness created a market need to introduce an exciting, yet relatively unheard-of technology to the general public. Driven by the prospect of changing the way the world insulates, Dan Russell founded Innovative Insulation, Inc.

The company started by marketing just one type of reflective insulation to homeowners in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Within the first year, distributors were established throughout the country. The company ended its first year with sales exceeding more than one half million dollars.

Innovative Expansion

Over the next few years, the Innovative Insulation product line expanded to include several grades of reflective insulation, as well as reflective bubble insulation. 

The company’s trademark product, Super R®, became synonymous with reflective insulation. Soon the marketing base for the company spread around the world to include the construction, packaging, and transportation industries. Today, Innovative Insulation is continuing to break into other markets with insulating challenges and meeting enthusiastic new customers on a daily basis.

Innovative Insulation Building

“I have estimated that we have saved at least 35% on our heating and air conditioning costs with the radiant barrier...”

Buddy Bell, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Best quality products, most advanced technology, and legendary customer service

We are highly dedicated to providing the best quality products, most advanced technology, and legendary customer service. We are fair, honest, responsive, courteous, professional, and attentive to the individual needs of each of our customers and their projects.

We are committed to leading our industry in reflective insulation research and development with integrity, client satisfaction, and financial strength as a model of excellence in product, approach and results attained.


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